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The financial services industry is confusing to the average investor. The jargon can be overwhelming and the 24 hour news cycle fills the air with information that creates fear in the investor. Our goal At Westex Investment Services is to walk along with you on your financial journey. Make it simple, keep it simple, and make sure it is done in such a way that you believe our investment strategy. Our job is not to make you a financial advisor. Our job is instead to make you a confident investor and help you develop and implement a plan to accomplish your financial goals.

Personalized Solutions

Determining an appropriate investment for a client is a very delicate process. Because of this, there is no reliable way that a firm can develop one investment solution that is appropriate for every client. Instead, we spend a great deal of time learning about our client’s current financial situation as well as future goals. Not just where they are but also where they are going! Then we work to construct a plan based on their individual needs.

Client Experience

In order to adequately advise a client, we must spend a fair amount of time learning. We must learn both where the client is today and what their financial goals are. We must learn the client’s appetite for risk and what is important to them. Using this knowledge, we will work with the client to develop and implement a financial plan. Once in place, a consistent level of communication will allow for adjustments to the plan along the way.

Personalized Investment Solutions

Westex Investment Solutions offers personalized services that cover all aspects of a well rounded investment strategy.


The most common objective is a comfortable retirement. We can help you get there.


It's your nest egg...we can help you preserve it. Inheritance, life savings, goal based investing.


Investing for education has many benefits and is a great way to give to your children and grandchildren.

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Client Experience Process

This four step process is a time tested method to give the client the best chance to obtain their financial goals.


The first step in the process is the connection meeting. This is the initial conversation to see if the financial advisors at Westex Investment Services can provide what the investor needs.


During this step, our primary focus will be on the needs of the investor. We take a deep dive into the client's financial picture and help to determine goals and priorities.


This is where the plan is laid out to the client. Account structures, investment strategies, and ongoing communications are all items that will be discussed during this step.


Our clients work with us because they want open communications about their financial plans. We make sure that you know the plan, how it's performing, and what the news means to you.

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About Westex Investment Services

Westex Investment Services is a division of The Bank & Trust. The financial advisors offer investment advice and brokerage services through their affiliation with Raymond James and are here to serve the financial needs of our clients to include financial planning, investment planning, and wealth management goals.


In 1910, The Bank & Trust opened its doors with a promise to provide superior financial products with exceptional customer service in Del Rio, Texas. For well over 100 years, the bank has served as a symbol of strength to its customers throughout times of trial and innovation including The Great Depression, two world wars, and an ever-changing economic climate. During that time period, what started as a small community bank, has expanded into the insurance and investment fields, and grown to include over 10,000 customers in six different markets throughout Texas.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video from Sid Cauthorn, the bank’s CEO to hear his perspective on Westex Investment Services then be sure to visit The Bank & Trust website!